Creates MD5-HASH from given string-convertable data.

In DMT this is used mainly to ensure unique simulation folders and keys. A simulation folder consist of 3 parts:

  • The simulation directory in used the Configuration

  • The dut subfolder named <dut_name><dut_hash>. The dut name is a attribute of DutView. The hash calculation depends on the subclass, but most times this is simply the MD5-Hash of all input files, for example the netlist file and the Verilog-AMS code.

  • The sweep subfolder named <sweep_name><sweep_hash>. The sweep name is a attribute of Sweep. The hash is calculated from text converted sweep definition.

Author: Mario Krattenmacher |

DMT.core.hasher.create_md5_hash(*contents: str | PathLike) str[source]

Construct the hash MD5 string with all parameters


Either a path to a file to read or some object which can be converted to a string using str()


MD5 string