Extraction framework

Inside this DMT module all extra classes and functions needed to implement and extract a compact model. The basic strategy is:

  1. Implement your model card class as a subclass of MCard

  2. Implement your default circuits for this MCard class using Circuit

  3. Implement XStep classes to extract a small set of parameters of your model, either using Model or verilogae and the verilog-A code

  4. Run your steps in Xtraction groups. Each Xtraction gets an own section in the documentation using DocuXtraction.

  5. Verify your extraction using several XVerify instances for all the different figures of merit.

  6. Create the PDK (if needed)

In order to test your extraction, either good measurement data is needed or you simulate your model and use this as the data to extract from. generate_virtual_data helps you with that.

This is the full source code documentation about all the classes and functions inside DMT.extraction.