ngspice interface

The interface to the simulator ngspice is implemented by inheritance of the DutCircuit in the DutNgspice.

Installing ngspice

Ngspice can be installed directly from the project homepage. The DMT CI/CD pipeline uses version 36 on linux. The installation is done using the following lines:

wget -O /home/ngspice.tar.gz
cd /home && tar -xf ngspice.tar.gz
cd /home/ngspice-36 && chmod a+rwx && ./ --disable-debug

This installs ngspice to /usr/local/bin/ngspice. Usually this is already part of the environment path. Usually no further configuration for DMT is needed to call ngspice. But in case you have a multiple ngspice installations or something like this, the correct installation can be chosen in the Configuration with the key:

    NGSPICE: ngspice