Running Test Cases

The test cases are a great starting point to learn more about the inner working of DMT.

To run them, first your system has to be set up accordingly. DMT is mainly developed on Ubuntu Linux and using Python 3.8, but also tested on Windows. For installation help go to Installation.

After you have installed DMT, place a copy of “DMT_default_config.yaml” in your home directory. This may be used to provide DMT with local settings.

To run test cases, a “logs” folder is needed in the DMT/ installation directory. After these two steps are set up, one can try to run all test cases using:

pytest test/test_*

This will run all test cases. If errors are encountered at this stage, get in touch with the DMT devs. If the tests run, you are ready to go!

Here is a small overview of relevant test cases, which may help to make starting with DMT easier.

sweep tests

To get an idea how bias and temperature sweeps are defined in DMT:


TCAD tests

Learn how to use DMT’s data management and TCAD interface for the DEVICE TCAD simulator:


Modelcard handling

Learn how to use model cards inside of DMT to manage model parameters:


Circuit Simulator Interface

Use the model card class to build a circuit and simulate it using ADS:


Measurement data handling

Read and preprocess data from measurements: