xq_poa_only_perimeter module

Extracts PoA parameters for a given quantity. Subclass this for a quick and easy PoA separation XStep.

Examples can be found in x_ic_geo.py and other hl2 XSteps that inerhits from this class.

  • quantity_a -> area related quantitiy

  • quantity_l -> length related quantity

  • quantity_b -> width related quantity

  • quantity_corner -> corner related quantity

Author: Markus Müller | Markus.Mueller3@tu-dresden.de

class DMT.extraction.xq_poa_only_perimeter.XQPoaOnlyPerimeter(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: XQPoaBilinearFull

XQPoaOnlyPerimeter is a subclass of XQPoaBilinearFull that applies a simplified scaling equation compared to full bilinear scaling, as described in the docstring of thic class.

XQPoaOnlyPerimeter can perform a perimeter vs. area vs. corner separation according to
(1) quantity(op) = quantity_a(op) * area + quantity_p * perimeter + quantity_corner
at different operating points, depending on the parameter that are passed to this object.
With respect to the full bilinear equation system, this assumes that quantity_b == quantity_l.
Same as XQPoaBilinearFull.

Return a tex description of this XStep. Used for generating the documentation. If not implemented, there is no description for this XStep in the documentation.


Return a tex Representation of the Model that is beeing fitted. This can then be displayed in the UI.


Plot quantity as a function of operating point meas vs fit for multiple geometries for all analyzed duts


Plot quantity as a function of operating point meas vs fit for multiple geometries for all analyzed duts

quantity_poa(dlE, dbE, l_E0, b_E0, quantity_per_area, quantity_per_perimeter, quantity_corner=0)[source]

classical PoA with corner component and dl db

set_initial_guess_line(composition, line)[source]

For this simple linear extraction the starting guess need not be very clever. Just assume that quantity_p=0.

staticMetaObject = PySide6.QtCore.QMetaObject("XQPoaOnlyPerimeter" inherits "XQPoaBilinearFull": )[source]