x_diode module

Extracts model parameters for a very simple diode model and is used for the Jupyter Docs only as a reference!

Author: Markus Müller | Markus.Mueller3@tu-dresden.de

class DMT.extraction.x_diode.XDiode(name, mcard, lib, op_definition, model, relevant_duts=None, to_optimize=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: XStep

Class for extraction of DMT.extraction.Diode I(V) model parameters. The arguments to this Xstep are described in the DMT.extraction.XStep class.

ensure_input_correct_per_dataframe(dataframe, **_kwargs)[source]

Search for the required columns for this XStep in the Pandas DataFrame objects.

fit(line, paras_model)[source]

Calculate the diode current for each line from the current modelcard paras_model.


Return a tex Representation of the Model that is being fitted. This string then be displayed in the GUI.

init_data_reference_per_dataframe(dataframe, t_meas, **_kwargs)[source]

Find the required data in the user supplied dataframe or database and write them into the data_reference attribute of the XStep object.


Overwrite main plot method from XStep and adjust for the diode I(V) characteristics.


Find suitable initial guesses for (some of the) model parameters from the given reference data.

staticMetaObject = PySide6.QtCore.QMetaObject("XDiode" inherits "XStep": )[source]