Generating the windows installer


The windows installer provided with dmt is a simple portable python installation customized for DMT, with dmt preinstalled and some tweaks to allow dmt_batched be called from the console anywhere.

To generate the installer you simply need to extract the installer archive to a directory. In that directory there should now be directory named WPy64-3870 and 3 files (7zr.exe, DMT_Logo.ico, installer.iss).

Start the WinPython Powershell Prompt.exe file in the WPy64-3870 directory. This will open a power shell with the python interpreter preloaded. Now change into some arbitrary directory (not inside the WPy64-3870 directory) and git clone dmt. Change directory into the DMT folder and run the following commands:

pip install ./DMT_core_pkg --force
pip install ./DMT_other[vae_models, batch_mode] --force

After the commands complete DMT has been installed inside the portable installation. Finally open the folder into which the installer was extracted and right click the WPy64-3870 folder. Select 7zip and the create an archive. You should select a fairly low compression ratio, because the installation will be slow otherwise. Rename the resulting archive to winpython.7z

Finally open installer.iss with innosetup (if installed correctly simply double click) and click compile. After the compilation finishes (should be quick) the resulting file can be found in the Output directory.